York Winners of the 24th Ontario Japanese Speech Contest

The 24th Ontario Japanese Speech Contest was held at University of Toronto on March 11, Saturday. Despite the fierce competitions among the 49 participants from various institutions, all the York students (10) presented excellent speeches, and I am absolutely ecstatic to report to you that York won the top prizes in all four categories (Beginners', Intermediate, Advanced and Open), one 2nd prize and two special prizes. This result is even better than the one of last year (three top prize winners). The following are the prize winners this year.

Mr. Enrico Bianco (AS/JP3000) Grand Prize [Intermediate]
Mr. John Baig (AS/JP1000) Grand Prize Honorable Mention [Beginners']
Ms. Chung Min Lee (AS/JP3000) 1st Prize [Advanced]
Mr. Shinichi Kitano (AS/JP4010, AS/JP4120) 1st Prize [Open]

Mr. Terry Park (AS/JP3000) 2nd Prize [Intermediate]

Ms. Angela Heung (AS/JP2000) Consul General's Prize [Intermediate]
Mr. Jayson Young (AS/JP1000) Canon Humor Prize [Beginners']

Winners of the 24th OJSC

The above four top prize winners are qualified to participate in the
17th National Japanese Speech Contest (Canada) to represent Ontario,
which will be held at York University on April 2.

Professor Noriko Yabuki-Soh acted as the Chair of the Organizing
Committee, and Professor Gergana Ivanova as an MC. I would like to thank
both of them and Professor Kiyoko Toratani for coaching students with me
to lead York to this historic Quadruple Crown victory.

I would like to thank many York students who volunteered to help the
proceedings of the Contest, including JISA members.

Please join me to congratulate the winners on their excellent
performances and superb achievements.

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