AP/JP2000 (2011-2012) Test 1 Instruction

On-line Test: Administered in the MLC Lab (Ross South 117). Be on time. Late comers may not be able to take the test. Make sure you know your password for both MLC and Moodle.

·         Coverage: Lectures 21 through 25

Kanji: 1-200

      Under “Lecture Notes” (http://buna.arts.yorku.ca/japanese/imjp/ijlecnotes.html):

Everything covered under the columns of

o   Lecture (Structure)

o   Reading Comprehension and Dialogue

o   Exercises, Sample Conversations


·         Format:

o   All multiple-choice and true-or-false questions on grammar, vocabulary, expressions, Kanji word recognition, and reading comprehension.

o   There are 60-65 questions.


·         Suggestions:

o   Do Sample Test 1 on Moodle (a shorter version) and Buna (a full version - this year’s test adopts a different format from the sample test, though the contents will be similar)

o   Review “Notes for Lectures 21-25”