AP/JP2000 “PPT/Web Presentation” Instruction


Step 1: Choose a topic that you would like to talk about in front of your classmates. 


Step 2: Conduct a small-scale study and collect factual events/figures/examples on your topic. Consult at least 3 sources. Do not copy materials from other sources including Wikipedia, etc. but use your own words when you prepare your presentation. 


Step 3: Make a PPT or Web presentation (5-6 minutes) in Japanese. Organize your presentation and slides as follows.  

·         First slide: Title and your name

·         Second slide: Vocabulary list (make it short)

·         Main part: What you have discovered from your research (Use a point form and the plain form)

·         Toward the end: Conclusion including your opinions

·         Last slide: References


Step 4: Practise well.


Step 5: Present. You are allowed to bring in cue cards, but try not to read out from notes. 


Tips: Try not to choose too big a topic. Choose something that interests you most but is manageable to present within the time limit. Also, do not use too much advanced vocabulary, but use the words that are familiar to you.