AP/JP2000 6.0 Exercises 31

Translate into Japanese using koto.

  1. Have you been to Hawaii?
  2. I have not seen this Kanji.
  3. In Toronto we can talk to various people.
  4. Do you sometimes go to see a Japanese movie?
  5. Have you heard that Prime Minister Chretien criticized the US government?
  6. I did not know that the Olympic games were held in Nagano.
  7. What I am worried about is that many students may not be able to graduate because of this strike.
  8. Whcih course have you decided to take in summer?
  9. I rarely go to bed before 2 a.m.
  10. It is not that I don't have money, but it is a bit too pricey.

Translate into Japanese.

  1. My family was living in Korea before I went to England.
  2. After you eat, please make sure you wash the dishes.
  3. Before I entered this company, I worked in Japan as an assistant language teacher on the JET program.
  4. After I talked to my friend, I went to the library to study.
  5. Before the first child was born, my wife and I used to go out very ofen.
  6. Right after I phoned you, I received the fax.
  7. After all the guests left, my uncle arrived from Thailand.

Translate into Japanese.

  1. I cannot work while I am listening to the radio.
  2. While I am eating in the restaurant, I turn off the cell phone.
  3. While I was writing a letter to my boyfriend, I was thinking about various things.
  4. During the time when you were fighting in Vietnam, most people were having a good time back home.
  5. Lets' discuss this problem over drinks next week.

Translate into Japanese using ~ nado/nanka.

  1. You, I hate so much.
  2. Japanese, why don't you quit?
  3. Part-time jobs, there are so many in Japan.
  4. You, go to hell.
  5. Me, no one will want to marry.
  6. Computing, it's easy to handle.

Give the Japanese equivalent.

  1. how to read
  2. how to speak
  3. how to write
  4. how to eat
  5. how to make
  6. how to swim
  7. the third child
  8. the second house from the left
  9. the fourth day
  10. the tenth year
  11. the third person
  12. the fifth car
  13. the second time
  14. nth time
  15. nth book

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