AP/JP1000 6.00 Elementary Modern Standard Japanese


Test 3

(See the syllabus for the test date)


On-line Test: Administered in the MLC Open Access Lab (Ross South 117). Be on time. Late comers will lose the test time.


Students must be able to log on using “Passport York” to access their account for MLC and Moodle.


·         Coverage: Accumulative with the focus on: Lectures 10 through 14, and Kanji #41-80. (Materials introduced in the previous lectures will also appear.)


·        Review everything in “Lecture Notes”, including conversations, grammar, reading and writing, vocabulary, expressions, and listening, among others.


·         Orthography: Students are expected to be able to read and understand Japanese written in Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji.  


·         Format and duration:

·         70 minutes

·         There will be around 50 questions.