To students of JP1000,
This vocabulary list is created based on the Conversations at York's AP/JP1000 site.
The content is © Norio Ota 2014.
This excel file is designed/created by K. Toratani, and edited by K. Inutsuka, hoping that this will help students when they study vocabulary. 
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K. Toratani. Last modified, Sept. 22, 2018.
1. Under lecture #, you will see letters such as "L4F". The alphabet indicates the label of the conversation wherein the vocabulary appears.
2. Abbreviations 
(exp.) expression
[adj.] adjective
[adv.] adverb, adverbial phrase
[AN] adjectival noun
[conn.] connective
[cop.] copula
[count.] counters (classifiers)
[int. pro.] interrogative  pronoun 
[interj.] interjection
[n.] noun
[NP] noun phrase
[p.] particle
[ph.] phrase
[pro.] pronoun
[suffix] suffix
[u.] unit
[v.] verb
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