AP/JP1000 6.0 Interactive Exercises 17

I. Provide the Japanese equivalent.

1.   neck

2.   arm

3.   back

4.   face

5.   teeth

6.   stomach

7.   nose

8.   head

9.   legs

10. hand

11. eye

12. throat

13. graduation ceremony

14. conversation

15. doughnut

16. a little while ago

17. to feel relieved

18. to have a fever

19.to have a headache

20. flu

21. five times

22. haveing long hair

23. slender

24. looking cool

25. grammar

26. well informed

II. Insert the most appropriate particles.

1. Yoshiko
atta , tabun moo sugu kekkon-suru wa.
2.  Kono shorui
okutte morai-tai n desu ga.
3. Machiko
itsumo kuruma
itte imasu ,
atarashii kuruma katte yarimashoo ka.
4. Keeki
todokete morau , daijoobu da yo.

5. Shinrigaku

benkyoo isogashikute,
nakatta ,
eega ikimasen deshita.
6. Kono aida
nodo itakute,
netsu sukoshi atte,
tokidoki atama itai n desu ga.

III. What would you say when:

1. you offer this sandwich to someone, since you have bought it a while ago?
2. you ask the doctor if you have cancer [gan]?
3. you advise someone to rest for a few days?
4. you advise someone to take this medicine three times a day?
5. you ask someone to introduce that male student who is very tall and handsome (over there)?

6. you ask your professor to inform (lit. teach) you about psychology?
7. you tell Mrs. Saito that her husband found you a job?
8. you offer to explain (something) using this chart?

IV. Express the following in Japanese.

1.   I have already finished writing the essay.
2.   As we are busy on the weekend, we will buy drinks, food, paper towels, and so forth (in advance).
3.   I asked the secretary 'hisho' to send a fax to Mr. Murata.
4.   Mariko made a cake for me on my birthday.
5.   I sometimes teach my children mathematics [suugaku].

6. I would like to have this delivered to my home by next Monday.

7.  Ms Hatano took my younger sister to ROM [Roiyaru Ontario Hakubutsukan] on Saturday.
8.   Won't you help me with these Kanji characters?
9.   Who will do this work (for us)?

10. Please go home early, since your family is worried (about you).


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