AP/JP1000 6.0 Interactive Exercises 16

I. Provide the Japanese equivalent.

1.   with pleasure

2.   consumption tax

3.   leisurely

4.   light green

5.   to turn on TV

6.   to close windows

7.   year before last

8.   bullet train

9.   the day after tomorrow

10. 6th floor

11. loud [color]

12. quiet [color]

13. lodging [renting a room]

14. to clean up rooms

15. to look good [suit]

II. Insert the most appropriate particles.

1. Gozen-chuu
shite ,
shokuji shitaku yo.
2. Kono hoteru
tsuite iru ii ne.
3. Ototoshi Kanada
kimashita ,
choodo san-nen narimasu.
4. Shibuya-eki orite,
migi itte,
tsugi shingoo no
kado uchi no manshon desu.

III. What would you say when:

1. you say that you have already bought beer and juice (for the party tomorrow)?
2. you ask a customer what she is looking for politely?
3. you ask a customer what (kind of) colour she would like [lit. would be good]?
4. you are impressed with the room being nice?
5. you tell someone to leave things as they are?

6. you ask someone how long it has been since he came to Canada?

7. you ask your professor where she is living?
8. you tell your host not to worry (about doing things for you)?
9. you say that you have not decided yet?
10. you wonder if the purple dress is a little too loud?

IV. Express the following in Japanese.

1.   I will buy a new car after I build a house.
2.   What (kind of) colour do you like?
3.   I would like to have a spring coat.
4.   That looks fabulous.
5.   Please give me both.
6.   It will be 8,000 yen exact including the consumption tax.
7.   It smells a little bit like fish.
8.   Have you already booked the tickets for the opera the day after tomorrow?
9.   We will be able to take it easy all day long tomorrow.
10. Please tell me the location of your residence again.
11.  Is England larger than Japan?
12. What are you going to wear for the party tonight?

V. Provide the transitive version.

1. doa ga shimaru
2.   harigane 'wire' ga magaru
3.   denki ga tsuku

4.   yama ga mieru
5.   kagi 'lock' ga kakaru
6.   kuruma ga tomaru
7.   hi 'fire' ga kieru
8.   mado 'window' ga aku
9.   rajio ga kikoeru
10. uchi ga tatsu
11. byooki ga naoru
12. hanashi ga kawaru

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