AP/JP1000 6.0 Interactive Exercises 15

I. Provide the Japanese equivalent.

1.    I am hungry. .
2.    I am thirsty. .
3.   I am tired. .
4.   I am full. .
5.   I am sleepy. .
6.   the fourth
7.   in a hurry
8.   any time
9.   anyone
10. was not tasty [casual]
11. did not return [causal]
12. is not pretty [causal]
13. is not difficult [casual]
14. was not sturdy [casual]
15. do not want [casual]
16. as .... as possible
17. did not look for [casual]
18. unreliable
19. is not young [casual]
20. is not popular [casual]

II. Insert the most appropriate particles.

1. Midori
itsumo Tadashi
iru ,
Tadashi kekkon-suru no kashira?
2. Amerika
daibu chigau ,
kekkon tabun muzukashii deshoo.
3. Kono purintaa
ichiban ninki arimasu ka?
4. Ano gakusee
kono gakusee
nihongo joozu desu ka?

III. What would you say when:

1. you ask a customer what kind of laptop she is looking for? [lit. would be good]
2. you ask someone about how many students there are in this university?
3. you say anything would be fine, but would like to have a sturdy one?
4. you are wondering if Tomoko and Masao are getting married?
5. you ask someone if (it is the case that) he is taking economics and psychology?
6. you ask a customer about how much she can spend? [lit. about how much the budget is]
7. you suggest to a customer this kind?
8. (you try to negotiate the price and) ask if the salesperson could make it 20,000 yen exact?
9. you say that you won't need it, and will look for one at other places?

IV. Express the following in Japanese.

1.   I would like to have a little larger one.
2.   Where can I find fax paper?
3.   Are you looking for a video camera? [very polite]
4.   Among these which is the best DVD?
5.   Spanish is not as difficult as German.
6.   For me Chinese is probably the easiest.
7.   Among Chopin [Shopan], Beethoven [Beetooben], and Brahms [Buraamusu], I like Brahms the best.
8.   I would prefer a Canadian to an American.
9.   Young men these days are not very reliable, are they?
nee .
10. This dictionary is more expensive than that one.
11. Canada is smaller than Russia.
12. Sony is more popular than Toshiba.

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