Web Presentation Instruction for JP3000


Format: MSWord, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, Web Page

Time: 15 min presentation with 5 min Q&A

Topic: Any topic related to Japanese current affairs in culture, society, politics, economics, etc.

Requirement: include at least three sources in Japanese – a book or a chapter of a book, articles in newspaper or a magazine, etc.

Mode of presentation: you are not allowed to read a script, but you can use cue cards.

Media: photos, sound and video clips are allowed as long as they do not take up too much time.

Criteria of evaluation: Content (20), Research (10), Organization (10), Presentation (10), Structure (10), Vocabulary & Expression (10), Pronunciation (10), Response (10), Q&A (10) - Total 100

Recording: each presentation will be recorded and posted on the web.