Cha-no-yu ‘TEA Ceremony’


The tea ceremony is a highly culture specific practice of Japan perfected by

Rikyu over 400 hundred years ago.  Connected to the Zen school of Buddhism, it

is in one respect a simple ceremony:  tea is prepared, served, drunk and

appreciated.  However, this simple series of actions is laden with symbolic and

cultural meaning.   Tea reflects Japanese hospitality and the profound respect

and deference shown to other people and to inanimate objects.  The particularly

Japanese expression of love of nature is evident in the tea room, the utensils

and equipment, and the items served.


We are happy to announce that Tea Master Minami Souka has agreed to come to

York University from Japan to hold a Tea lecture demonstration during the Japan

Week.  Master Minami is a licensed Tea Master trained in Omote-senke School

in Japan.  She has an experience in Tea over 30 years and has been teaching Tea

since 1989.


A message from Master Minami:  ‘Tea, in a way, allows us to spiritually

connect with people even if we have never met before.  I look forward to seeing

you in person at my presentation and sharing the special moment with you

through a bowl of tea.’