Momiji lists

The DLLL momiji server is running a listserv program called majordomo for automated E-mail lists.

To find out what lists are available, please send the following message:


to: majordomo@dlll.yorku.ca

How to use lists


Please send the following message:

subscribe list name

To: majordomo@dlll.yorku.ca

For more information re Majordomo, please visit the following sites:
Majordomo manual
Majordomo FAQ

Basic commands of Majordomo

You can send the following commands to: majordomo@dlll.yorku.ca

help - version of Majordomo

info list name - introduction to the list

lists - all lists on the momiji server

subscribe list name (user address) - subscription to the list

unsubscribe list name (user address) - unsubscribing from the list

which (user address) - which list the user is subscribed to

who list name - listing subscribers

end - Stops reading the message. Useful when you have a signature attached to the end of a message. A dash '-' is also treated as an "end" command in the newer versions of Majordomo.

York lists

You can have your lists set up via CCS. Please visit the following site, click on the "getting service" button, fill out the application form with the required information, and submit it.

York Listserv service

Please contact Norio Ota, if you wish to have your lists set up on the momiji server.

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