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The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (Toronto) - York University

  日本語能力試験 (Nihongo Nōryoku Shiken) トロント会場 − ヨーク大学
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      E-MAIL LIST:  proftest

        An E-mail list proftest is available to disseminate the updated information about the Japanese Language
        Proficiency Test.

        To subscribe to proftest:
            Send the following E-mail message: subscribe proftest [no subject and nothing else]
                To: majordomo@tsuge.yorku.ca

            You will be asked to authenticate the subscription.
            Please 'cut and paste' the authentication line and resend it to majordomo.

            If the subscription is successful, you should receive a welcome message for confirmation.

        To post a message to the list: Send the message to: proftest@tsuge.yorku.ca  [not to majordomo]

        To unsubscribe from the list: Send the following E-mail message: unsubscribe proftest
                To: majordomo@tsuge.yorku.ca
        Please use this list only for test related matters. No solicitation or promotion is allowed.
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