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Makeups and late submission:
No makeups except in case of emergency such as severe illness [supported with a medical certificate], automobile accidents, death in the family [a letter is required from an appropriate person], and other similar situations. If a student misses a test or a quiz without any reasonable explanation, s/he will receive a grade of F. Written assignments must be handed in by the due day. No late assignments are accepted except in case of emergency stated above. If a student comes in too late for a test or a quiz, s/he may be asked by the instructor to wait outside the classroom untill it is over. This policy is observed very strictly.
**Instructors may use her/his discretion to allow late submission of essays in advanced level courses, under circumstances other than the emergency situations described above. In such cases, 10% of the total mark earned will be deducted per day in the final calculation.

Class attendance is mandatory and counted toward the final grade. In case of emergency such as severe illness [supported with a medical certificate], automobile accidents, death in the family [a letter is required from an appropriate person], and other similar situations, please contact your instructor as soon as possible. 

Warning & Sanction:
Students who have missed class three consecutive times without any reasonable explanation to the instructor, and those whose absence is frequent may receive an oral or written warning, and if attendance does not improve immediately, further action may be taken by the course director. Academic dishonesty such as cheating and plagiarism will be penalized according to the university regulations. Those who are accepted to a course provisionally may receive a recommendation from the instructor as to whether or not s/he should continue the course.

In-class policies:
* Any form of abuse, physical, psychological, or verbal, will not be tolerated.
* 'Political Correctness' should be adhered to as a guiding principle.
* Private talking should be kept minimal.
* Cellular phones and pagers must be turned off except for emergency situations.
* Only drinks (water and soft drinks) are allowed, no eating or chewing gum.

Consultation: As for general questions and problems, please feel free to consult your instructor. Please observe office hours; otherwise make an appointment. Time-consuming questions and individual questions should be addressed during office hours. Inquiries by E-mail should be kept minimal. Messages sent on the weekend may not be answered until Monday. Last minute questions and notices should be refrained from.

The Japanese Section adopts its own grading scheme, which is different from the one used by other academic units. An overall grade of "B" or above is strongly recommended to advance to the higher level, although "C" is the minimum requirement.

Use of IT:
Any type of illegal use and abuse of the network, servers, E-mail, E-mail lists, chat service, and web-based course materials is prohibited. Please observe the common courtesy and be considerate of others.

Use of cellular phones
Please turn off your cell phone in class, except for some special circumstances. This has become a major nuisance, and students' common sense and discretion would be much appreciated.

Academic Honesty and Integrity
: It is strongly recommended that students visit the following Academic Integrity web site at York University:
and read the section 'For Students' and complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial at:
to familiarize themselves with what constitutes the breach of academic honesty and integrity.


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