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Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs

The one-year official exchange programs are available with the following York's affilliates.

It is highly recommended that applicants will have completed AP/JP3000 6.0 or AP/JP4000 6.0 with good standing not only in Japanese but also in GPA [B or above is required]. Applicants must pass the required test and/or interview, and be recommended by the Selection Committee [one or two students per institution per year]. This is a very good opportunity to put your knowledge to practice. We receive a few exchange students from each university as well. 

Students can apply for an exchange program without any prior knowledge of Japanese or with basic knowledge, focusing on language learning and taking courses in English. Please contact York International for further information.

Dokkyo University offers a one time scholarship to York-Dokkyo exchange student(s).

JASSO Scholarship

Official inter-university exchange students may be eligible for JASSO [Japan Student Services Organization] scholarship.

Countries: Asia and Pacific region

Qualifications: - Canadian citizenship - Accepted as an official exchange student - Excellent academic and personal records at university - Definite motivation and clear study plan - Lack of financial means to study in Japan

Period of study: Up to 1 year

Content of scholarship: Please refer to the above JASSO web site.

Application procedure: Applications have to be submitted to the host universities through the home universities.

Deadline for recommendation by home universities:

                February for April/May arrival
                June for September/October arrival
                October for January/February arrival

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