Japanese Studies Program @ York University  ヨーク大学日本研究科

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Enrolling into the Program

         Please enroll into the course you wish to sign up on line.
         AP/JP1000 6.0  -  open enrollment (the Section reserves the right to move the over-qualified students to a higher level)
         AP/JP2000 6.0, 3000 6.0 and 4000 6.0 - Please visit the DLLL Office (Rm 561 South Ross) to write the appropriate level
         placement test.

         No waiting list
         Please keep trying the on-line enrollment system, since some students may drop the courses.
         If you can not get into the course you wish to take before the academic year begins, please contact your instructor and
         attend the class from the beginning, while you continue to try enrolling. There is no guarantee, but in most cases students
         can eventually get in.

         Placement test
         If you wish to enroll in the courses without taking the required courses, you must write placement tests or contact the
         professors in charge.

         At least a grade of C is required to proceed to the next level in the language program. Students are allowed to repeat the
         same courses to improve their grades.
         Honours Minor Degree Program

         Students are strongly recommended to sign up for Honours Minor Degree Program in Japanese Studies. Please consult
         with the faculty of the Japanese Section and student advisers in the Advising Centre. All the necessary information is
         available on line.
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