AP/JP1000 6.0 Presentation Schedule: 2015-2016


        Three students in one group (choose new members each time)

        Work as a team: share the workload evenly. Do not have one member work as a scriptwriter for everyone. Design a natural conversation with equal input by all.

        Demonstrate that you have mastered the grammar and vocabulary covered in the course. It is not about going above and beyond course content; it is about showing how well you can use course content. Do not ask a native speaker of Japanese to translate an English script.

        Limit new vocabulary to five words and prepare flash cards to introduce those words to your peers. Katakana words (e.g., Gurando- kyanion) count as new words.

        Memorize your lines and act it out (do not read a script).






MW Tutorials

TR Tutorials

Presentation 1

Oct. 7

Oct. 8

Presentation 2

Nov. 11


Presentation 3



Presentation 4