AP/JP1000 6.0 Oral Presentation #1

Create a 2-minute skit working as a team. Think of a situation in which you would use newly learned grammar and expressions. Try to be creative.  This is a chance to show what you have learned and demonstrate that you can apply it to a real life situation. Work as a team and share the workload evenly. Memorize your lines and act it out. If you read a script, your overall performance will be severely penalized.

Include grammar items, expressions, and vocabulary, focusing on what was covered in Lectures 01 to 2.


Date of Presentation: Wednesday, October, 7 or Thursday, October 8 2015

Duration of your skit: 2 minutes

Number of students in one group: 3 people

Number of new vocabulary items you can use in your skit: 5 words or less

(Prepare flash cards to introduce them to your peers. Katakana words count as new words, too.)


You will be evaluated on the following points.


-original and interesting

-appropriate for academic contexts

-utilized course materials


-appropriate length

-well-distributed and coherent

-the content has the ‘beginning’, ‘main body’ and the ‘ending’.


-memorized everything and delivered it meaningfully

-appropriate speed of delivery and voice projection

-appropriate and effective non-verbal elements


-accurate enunciation

-appropriate accentuation and intonation


-accurate and appropriate use of vocabulary

-appropriate vocabulary for the level


-accurate and appropriate use of structures

-appropriate structures for the language level