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Japanese Section

Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Address: 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Canada, M3J 1P3
Phone: 416-736-5016
Main Office:
Ross South 580
Counter Hours:
8:30 a.m. -  4:30 p.m. (Monday - Friday)

photo of girls in kimono by N. Ota

                                               「日本語科 にようこそ」

                                  Japanese Program at a glance
Event Calendar & Announcement
Orientation for the proctors and assistants for JLPT2019-2 Toronto

2nd Social Night organized by JISA

Academic Week for Japanese and Korean Studies
November 29, Friday  18:30-20:30 @  S540 Ross

January 23, 2020, Thursday @ Orange Snail Restaurant, Stong College

January 27-31, 2020 @ DLLL AV Room S562R


  • Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation Awarded to York University Scholar (Consulate General of Japan Toronto)  link
  • Special Ceremony Confers Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation to York University Scholar (Consulate General of Japan Toronto)  link
  • Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendation Awarded to York University Professor Norio Ota (National Association of Japanese Canadians)  link
  • Y-File: Japanese Studies Program Coordinator awarded Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendation  link
  • Y-File: York University research leaders recognized at annual celebration  link
  • Y-File: York students shine at the 2016 Ontario Japanese speech contest  link
  • Y-File: York students win top prizes in National Japanese Speech Contest  link
  • Ms. Lily Mcdermott (AP/JP3000 6.0) receives the 2016 Peter Sato Award, which is given to the best student overall in the Japanese Studies Program.
  • Seven York students participated in the 2017 Ontario Japanese Speech Contest held at University of Toronto on March 4. The prize winners are the following.
    Beginners: Chris Robin   (JP1000)  2nd prize
    Advanced: Salma Saleh  (JP3000)  2nd prize
                       Gabby Ricker (JP3000) Special Effort prize
  • Ms. Salma Saleh (AP/JP3000 6.0) receives the 2017 Peter Sato Award. Congratulations!
  • AP/JP4000 6.0 is accepted as a 4000 level course for East Asian Studies Program.
  • Ms. Dhin Chen (JP1000, 2016) and Mr. Ilia Jarikov (JP1000, 2016) received the DLLL Award for their excellent academic achievement and effort. Congratulations!
  • York students did very well at the 2018 Ontario Japanese Speech Contest. The following are the winners. Congratulations!
    • Beginners 1st prize (Shinkikai-Sagamihara City Award)Andrew Christensen (JP1000)
    • Advanced 1st prize (Toyota Canada Award) Gabby Ricker (JP3000)
    • Special Effort prize: Beginners Samsam Hassan (JP1000)
    • Special Effort prize: Advanced Fernanda Cherini (JP2000)
    • Special prize: Advanced Hanisi Samuel (JP2000/JP3080)
       Andrew and Gabby will compete at the National Speech Contest
  • Y-File: York students head to Japanese Speech Contest nationals  link
  • Y-File: York students earn prizes at National Japanese Speech Contest  link
    • Beginners 2nd prize: Andrew Christensen
    • Advanced 3rd prize: Gabby Ricker
  • Our graduate, Ms. Lily Mcdermott, interviewed by Mainichi Newspaper: link link 
  • Y-File: York U hosts first Conference on the Language of Japanese Food link
  • Ms. Crystal Lam (JP3000) has been selected as a participant of the Kakehashi (bridging) Japanese Language Learners Program and will visit Japan on Jan. 7 -15, 2019. Congratulations!
  • All the participants from York University did extremely well at the Ontario Japanese Speech Contest held on March 2, 2019. The following are the winners.
    • Beginners 2nd prize Divine Domingo (jp1000)
    • Intermediate 3rd prize Erika Schestak (jp2000)
    • Advanced special prize Crystal Lam (jp3000)
    • Open 2nd prize Boyang Zhang (jp3000)
                                                      Articles on Japan
Tolerant attitudes make Japan a drinker's paradise - Japan Times  link
Japan hesitantly moves toward a cashless society - Japan Times  link
Navigating the tricky world of permission when speaking Japanese - Japan Times  link
Learning how 'lukewarm' can apply to food, drinks and people alike - Japan Times  link
South Korean students flock to Japan as birthrate sinks and unemployment climbs - Japan Times  link
Decoding of Jomon woman's genome suggests common ancestor unites Japanese and Han Chinese - Japan Times  link
Dating in Japan never used to be this difficult  - or creepy - Japan Times   link

                                                   Businesses by our graduates
Our former student, TK Chan, has opened Platform Espresso Bar at 4450 Hwy7, Unit #2, Markham. They are hiring part-timers. Link
Our former student, Yadi has been running
Fika Cafe
at 28 Kensington Ave., Toronto.
FIKA Cafe a beautiful coffee shop in the heart of Kensington market / open daily 10-6 / email info@fika.ca,  www.fika.ca  Link

                                                         You Tube picks
National Geographic - Living Music Action
Sissel Kirkjebø - Auld Lang Syne
Kamakura City - How to survive tsunami in Kamakura
itimannennkure - Dropping of A-bomb in Hiroshima
Interview - Noam Chomsky Interview July 2017
Interview - Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now! April 4, 2017
Program - You Don't Know What You Don't Know - Noam Chomsky, May 26, 2012
Lecture - Noam Chomsky - 'Language Use and Design: conflicts and their significance', April 4, 2013

Lecture - Noam Chomsky 'Language, Creativity, and the Limits of Understanding', April 21, 2016
Lecture - Noam Chomsky, "Neo-Liberalism: An Accounting" 
April 19, 2017
Lecture - Noam Chomsky on surviving the 21st Century Nov, 28, 2017
Lecture - Noam Chomsky, 'Racing to the Precipice', Jan. 13, 2018
Lecture - Noam Chomsky Best Speech in 2018
Lecture - Chris Hedges, Best Speech in 2018
Lecture - Chris Hedges 'Corporate Totalitarianism: The End Game'
Lecture - Chris Hedges in Eugene, Oct. 3, 2018
Interview - Howard Zinn in Deapth
Lecture - Noam Chomsky 'History of US Rule in Latin America',
Dec 19, 2009
Movie - Persona non grata - Holocaust rescue Story by Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara
Documentary - 特 攻に散った学徒兵 'A student soldier who lost his life in a suicide mission'

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